Singapore River .

Singapore River .
The starting point, Coleman Bridge

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Parliament house. Old one or new one ??? o_o

Ok this is apparently the New Parliament House ._.

Story. =D
The Old Parliament House, now know as the Arts House at the Old Parliament was formerly home to the Parliament of SIngapore between 1965 to 1999. The old parliament house was completed in 1827 and was originally a Neo-Palladian building owned by a scottish merchant called John Argyle Maxwell. Sir Stamford Raffles requested for the building to be over so that it could be out to government use in 1823. The government leased the building for 500 rupees every month. In 1955 when David Marshall was elected, the building was renamed Parliament House in August 1965, when singapore gained independence.The building was made a national monument in 14 february 1992. On September 1999, the Parliament of Singapore moved into a new building which faces North Bridge Road.


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