Singapore River .

Singapore River .
The starting point, Coleman Bridge

Friday, March 23, 2012

Shadow Puppets O_o . . . Puppets ? . - .

Origins of puppets is traced but to the ancient times when they were use for religious ceremonies, and was believed to have magical aspects which were forgotten or replaced through time. Puppetry in the ancient times had great significance in regions and was used for the development of story telling and preaching.

Puppets in Asia originated in India and was brought to Asia as trade and communication between the Indian and Asian regions began. As Indian merchants and immigrants came to Asia, their culture and literature influenced developing settlements through religion.

Chinese Shadow Play, from puppets too.
It dated back to the which was the Mid-Late Tang Dynasty or into the Five Dynasties(907-960). It was a form of media for the preaching of Buddhist Dharma of transmigration and retribution. In temples, the shadow figures are supposedly souls of the dead when their sin was expiated after death by Monks.

Now there are even shadow puppets by just using your hands. (Y)


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