Singapore River .

Singapore River .
The starting point, Coleman Bridge

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tea. ish nice :d

This is how Tea was drank. . . with a teapot and cups.

Tea is a very common yet popular drink . In this age and time , people can get tea very easily but that still does not diminish how nice it tastes . For me personally , tea is an essential part of my breakfast.


Tea was brought to indonesia by traders from FuJian , a part of china. Traders called it 'Tay' and that was how merchants and traders called it. In 1910 , Sumatra , a part of indonesia became a place for cultivating and exporting tea.


Lots of things that were brought from China to Japan and vice versa were brought by monks who were traveling . Tea is no exception . Japanese monks who travelled to china brought tea back to Japan and now , tea is an important part on Japanese Culture.

Now , We head back to China to find out more about the origin of this savory drink. Legend says that Emperor Shen Nong actually discovered tea accidentally . A lone , dry tea leaf fell from the pant into a cup of water and that was the origin for tea.

After Ming dynasty, more and more types of Chinese teas were invented. The Art of Chinese is constantly perfected. The famous Kung Fu Cha (or Kung Fu Tea) is one of the landmark development of Chinese tea brewing.

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