Singapore River .

Singapore River .
The starting point, Coleman Bridge

Friday, March 23, 2012

WE ARE HERE !! :D ( Asian Civilisation Museum)

. . . And here we are finally after walking for awhile, the entrance or outside of the the museum.

Originally called and used as a Government's Office, now houses the Singapore'sAsian Civilisation Museum. It overlooked the Mouth of the Singapore river every since it was Designed and Built in the 1860s, costing about £53,000 at that time. The current building is supposedly larger then in the 1860s.

This building was then, in Honor of Queen Victoria, The Empress Place building around the starting of the 20th century.

The Museum Officially opened in 2003. With a firm mission, "To explore and present the cultures and civilisations of Asia, so as to promote awareness and appreciation of the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans and their links to Southeast Asia and the world."


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